The Fantasy Chairmen STRONGLY believe in the principle of Paying It Forward and feel it is incredibly important for people to give back to their communities or help out in anyway they can. One way we at the Fantasy Chairmen feel we can help out, is by partnering with a number of youth sports league. Each of us has taken part, or been involved, in various youth sports leagues as we grew up and even currently as volunteers or chair members. Though we provide content on Fantasy Football, we find every sport to be of equal importance and strongly believe in children trying different sports and becoming multi-sport athletes. It is extremely important for Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) for children to be able to participate in a number of different sports. That is why we here with the Fantasy Chairmen will help support youth leagues of all sports! As we build forward into our future, the Fantasy Chairmen hope to partner with more and more youth athletic development programs. We are starting locally and, one day, hope to partner with national programs as well. 100% of the proceeds for any raffles, contests, programs, etc. that we put on in any charity or youth sports programs’ names will go directly to that organization. To put it simply, the Fantasy Chairmen truly just want to pay it forward.

Below, you will find a list of charities/organizations/youth athletic development programs with which we have partnered. We have created a page for each of these organizations that you can visit by clicking on the organization names below and those pages will tell you how you can donate or join contests we are hosting for those organizations.

ROUNDUP CITY RACERS (Track & Field/Cross Country)