FC League of Origin

In 2011….. from the grime and muck of the very most amateur of league settings for a fantasy football league….. 8 fantasy football players started something they never thought would become so much more than a game…..

From that muck, the Fantasy Chairmen originated. Each year, our group has grown, our league has evolved, and our shared enjoyment of the game of fantasy football bonds all of us for, what we hope to be, decades to come! This has become so much bigger than a game for all of us…

Since that time in 2011, the League of Origin has grown to 14 teams. No longer “standard” scoring, we have become 0.5 PPR. Kickers have been banned and we now have an extra flex spot in our starting rosters. To get last place, means to not be safe. The biggest loser each season must take a defense in the third round of the next season’s draft, or they can choose another punishment decided on by the league as whole….

To say that the League of Origin is competitive is an understatement. In the 9 seasons we’ve completed as a league, we have only had one owner who has won multiple titles. The playoff landscape is different season in and season out. Every owner in the League of Origin is knowledgeable and play the game of fantasy football at a top notch level.

In the 2019 season, we upped the standards even more. The Fantasy Chairmen are letting our secrets out to the public. We’re publishing articles, producing a podcast, and tweeting to the masses! There are no secrets to success, no magic recipe to win…. Everything is known and from now on, it will take the absolute best of the best to win this league!

Who will be our champion this season?? It will take 16 weeks of war to answer that question….