The Couch


Welcome to The Couch! This is the home of the Fantasy Chairmen where we are all about fantasy football all the time!

Thank you for joining us on our quest for fantasy championships. We with the Fantasy Chairmen are all about the camaraderie, friendships, bonds, rivalries, and stories formed through the game of fantasy football. Nothing brings us more joy than relaxing in our lounge chairs and managing a “football” team better than Dave Gettleman.

Please feel free to take a look around our site. The main two leagues of the Fantasy Chairmen, our League of Origin and Dynasty League, along with all of our exploits and shenanigans involved within those leagues, are archived right here on our site. Feel free to follow along with us throughout the season. We will also be frequently updating our analysis, thoughts, and opinions on players, moves made in the NFL, fantasy football formats/league rules and scoring, and just about everything else fantasy football related in our Analysis, Thoughts, and Opinions blog page.

So, pull up your favorite armchair, put on those football helmets, and grab your laptop and LET’S GET READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!!